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Holding on to Moments- Kimberly A. Rhoades- Raleigh NC

You know those moments when the day is just perfect. Your significant other just looks incredible, your heart is so full it could explode. You just want to capture the moment and bottle it up for the next time your heart needs it. That moment in a film, the sun is setting, the main characters just gaze in each other's eyes, smiling back in forth, hair bouncing in the wind, warm grass at their backs. You know the exact moment I'm talking about, it's always in slow motion with sappy indie music playing in the background. These portraits, they are that moment. My special moment. How lucky am I to be able to freeze them in time?

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Ashley, Eric, Sampson, + Sir Winston- Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm- Raleigh NC

Ashley, Eric, Sampson, and their newest addition, Sir Winston joined me at Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm in Raleigh NC for their first Holiday Portrait session as a complete family! These guys are just a good looking group! Winston has been with the family for a couple of months and is learning so much from his brother Sampson. Ashley and Eric are getting married soon and I am just excited about all of it! We had such a great time at the farm! The pups thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife and, of course, the birds. German Shorthaired Pointers, or GSPs, are a hunting and sporting breed and if you look closely at some fo the portraits, these guys are clearly on top of their game.

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