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A New Holiday Portrait Trend- Christmas Portraits with Monet, Emerson, and Remington- Boxcar Bar + Arcade Raleigh NC

Why have a boring old Christmas Card when you can have an epic one?! I met up with Monet, Emerson and Remington for their Holiday Portrait session at Boxcar Arcade + Bar in Raleigh NC and it was freggin’ amazing! You may remember Monet and Emerson from their Holiday Portraits from last year and this year we decided to do something a little different and man did it come out awesome! We decided to take advantage of Raleigh’s need to be incredibly pet friendly (uh, hello, there is an entire generation not having kids, so of course Raleigh has to be pet friendly!) and bring Monet + Emerson’s newest edition, the most adorable yet largest puppy to ever exist, a Great Dane named Remington! He came along for the ride and made all the new friends at Boxcar. We had such a wonderful time playing skee-ball and drinking all the beer.

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Nate's Day Out: Adrianna + Nate Holiday Portraits - Downtown Raleigh- Raleigh NC

Adrianna is my best friend of  13 years and Nate is her best companion. Adrianna saved Nate's life after a negligent human left him for dead on the side of the road. When I first met Nate, he was a tiny pup, I remember him being almost as small as a rat terrier when I first met him and him being deathly afraid of just about everyone. He also had serious skin issues. Adrianna spent years trying to figure out what he was allergic to and well, spoiler alert: EVERYTHING. Nate was on all kinds of meds and because of that, never really had a huge appetite and he slept a ton. Now here he is, 7 years later! Thanks to a miracle medicine, Nate is the handsome pup we always new he could be, he is putting on weight, and is just so incredibly happy. These two, I believe, saved each other and their bond can never be replaced.

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