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Lots of Family, Lots of Love: Multi Family Holiday Portraits- Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm- Raleigh NC

This family have been with Nine19 Photography since year one! To see how they have changed and grown over the past few years has been an honor to watch. Terry reached out to me about capturing her changing family this holiday season and I was ecstatic. It used to be just four of them with two fur babies (not pictured this year) but now there are three families with two twinning toddler cuties!  

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Nate's Day Out: Adrianna + Nate Holiday Portraits - Downtown Raleigh- Raleigh NC

Adrianna is my best friend of  13 years and Nate is her best companion. Adrianna saved Nate's life after a negligent human left him for dead on the side of the road. When I first met Nate, he was a tiny pup, I remember him being almost as small as a rat terrier when I first met him and him being deathly afraid of just about everyone. He also had serious skin issues. Adrianna spent years trying to figure out what he was allergic to and well, spoiler alert: EVERYTHING. Nate was on all kinds of meds and because of that, never really had a huge appetite and he slept a ton. Now here he is, 7 years later! Thanks to a miracle medicine, Nate is the handsome pup we always new he could be, he is putting on weight, and is just so incredibly happy. These two, I believe, saved each other and their bond can never be replaced.

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Ashley, Eric, Sampson, + Sir Winston- Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm- Raleigh NC

Ashley, Eric, Sampson, and their newest addition, Sir Winston joined me at Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm in Raleigh NC for their first Holiday Portrait session as a complete family! These guys are just a good looking group! Winston has been with the family for a couple of months and is learning so much from his brother Sampson. Ashley and Eric are getting married soon and I am just excited about all of it! We had such a great time at the farm! The pups thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife and, of course, the birds. German Shorthaired Pointers, or GSPs, are a hunting and sporting breed and if you look closely at some fo the portraits, these guys are clearly on top of their game.

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