Holding on to Moments- Kimberly A. Rhoades- Raleigh NC

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Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.
— W.R. Purche

Early today, I posted on Instagram that it's not lost on me how lucky I am to get to follow my dreams. I get to practice my craft with the full love and support of my family. My wonderful husband, who you have heard me speak about, is the one who encouraged me to be brave and create my own path. His faith in me allowed for me to be confident in my business and my worth. I love that I have this amazing opportunity and knowing that he has sacrificed so much to make sure that I can continue this crazy dream of mine, enforces the need to succeed within me. 

A close friend of mine asked me what I hoped to accomplished, business-wise, I told her I didn't think much past getting my husband home with me and living an amazing life together. She, being the amazing business woman that she is, informed me that I should strive for that and more and that is what I am going to do. My life is amazing now, but with the help of my little family and my amazing clients, I know it will be even better. All this, I am so incredibly grateful for! 

Those kind eyes of his...

Those kind eyes of his...

Eye contact is more intimate than words could ever be.
— Faraaz Kazi



You know those moments when the day is just perfect. Your significant other just looks incredible, your heart is so full it could explode. You just want to capture the moment and bottle it up for the next time your heart needs it. That moment in a film, the sun is setting, the main characters just gaze in each other's eyes, smiling back in forth, hair bouncing in the wind, warm grass at their backs. You know the exact moment I'm talking about, it's always in slow motion with sappy indie music playing in the background. These portraits, they are that moment. My special moment. How lucky am I to be able to freeze them in time?

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The loves of my life <3