Leo; Time Flies When You Are Being Cute- Family Photographer- Burlington NC

If you follow Nine19 Photography closely you know that I have little nuggets that are constantly getting their portraits done! Leo first made an appearance last July, when he came out of the womb with a sweet look on his face! Now here we are, 7 months later and he is even more adorable! I know, I know, I say that about all of my baby portraits, but seriously, no one told me they make fedoras that small (and I must say, 7 months maybe the only age it is appropriate to wear one, unless you are Jason Mraz or you live at the beach, haha) This kid is growing up to be quite the heartbreaker and he barely has one tooth. Well, be prepared to say "aw" over and over again, because here comes the Spartan himself, Leonidas! 

I hate to say it, but I TOLD YOU SO!

Raleigh Maternity New Born Family Photographer-5981.jpg

And of course, after about 20 mins of being the cutest baby on earth, he was over it! 

Poor thing! haha

Poor thing! haha

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