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Guest Blog: A Second Chance- Raleigh NC Boudoir- Leslie Alford Mims House

n 2014, I had the pleasure of being Kim's first boudoir client! Of course, like any woman, I was concerned with the way I looked. Kim made it extremely easy for me to get comfortable. We played music, drank a beer and had some good laughs. I really enjoyed the photos she took of me that day and realize that "Wow, they actually look amazing!" Here we are, three years later and so much has changed in my life. I am now engaged, I just came off from traveling full time (Monday-Friday) for two whole years and I'm about to turn the BIG 3-0! I wanted to surprise my fiance with this photo shoot as a wedding gift and I had a lot going on between getting married, work, family life but made sometime to do another photo shoot! I decided to take advantage of Kim's annual Boudoir Blitz! 

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Pink Ribbons and Things- Mid Reconstructive Surgery- Boudoir Raleigh NC
Prior to knowing whether I would need chemotherapy, I had to make the choice to remove both my breast or have a lumpectomy with radiation. My personal choice was a double mastectomy.  When you are in that moment, it's all about survival.
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