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Since 15 in My Stilettos, Been Struttin' in This Game- Legit Boss Celebratory Boudoir- In Studio Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

::GULPSinGOTDAMN:: This session is next level in confidence and self love! This amazing woman is a total package of brains, personality, and beauty! We had a full on blast during her boudoir session! Yes, technically this is a boudoir for her partner, but it’s so much more under the service. This day was all about her! This is a woman owning all of everything it means to be a brilliant, beautiful, and powerful in a society that tells her she shouldn’t be and her telling the world to deal with it! Literally, a KWEEEEEEN (especially with her Minnie ears on!)

As always, leave her some love in the comments and be sure to click the button below if you want to know more about being one of my fabulous boudoir babes!

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If I'm Shinin', Everybody Gonna Shine; Yeah, I'm goals- Non Bridal, Bridal Boudoir- Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

Oh she’s shining alright! SO DANG BRIGHT! This chica came in with her bestie to root her on! They kept the energy high and the laughter rolling! I had so much fun bonding with this awesome woman! Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she’s incredibly smart, and so so sweet! So proud of her body and her figure, she is absolute body positivity goals! AGAIN, I just get so lucky with my clients!

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Heavenly Maternity Boudoir- Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

So you’re pregnant and either you feel INCREDIBLY sexy in your new body or you’re a little unsure, either way, you’re curious. Well it’s time to find out what Maternity boudoir is all about! When it comes to taking portraits of women, I take the task very seriously. When it comes to my soon-to-be mamas, I take it to the next level! Pregnant women deserve to feel sexy too! You’re body is doing something incredible and you should be celebrated for it and leave feeling like the sensual goddess we all know you are ( I mean, HELLO! You’re pregnant! We all know how that baby got in there…) what better way to find out than a boudoir session?! Below is a compilation of Maternity boudoir portraits I took in studio! Leave these gorgeous women some love in the comment section and reach out to me with any questions you may have about doing a Maternity Boudoir or Boudoir session yourself!

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Strawberry Blonde Bombshell- Bridal Boudoir- Raleigh NC

This gorgeous Bride to Be reached out to me to capture her Bridal Boudoir before she said “I Do” to her future hubby! Stunning and breathtaking just aren’t words strong enough to capture this amazing woman’s spirit. She came into the studio and completely lit up the space. I like to think that these portraits completely captured that! If her photos inspire you and you are thinking about doing a boudoir session yourself, reach out to me below and make sure you leave her some love in the comment section, because every woman deserves to know how beautiful they are!

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Pink Ribbons and Things- Mid Reconstructive Surgery- Boudoir Raleigh NC
Prior to knowing whether I would need chemotherapy, I had to make the choice to remove both my breast or have a lumpectomy with radiation. My personal choice was a double mastectomy.  When you are in that moment, it's all about survival.
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