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Since 15 in My Stilettos, Been Struttin' in This Game- Legit Boss Celebratory Boudoir- In Studio Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

::GULPSinGOTDAMN:: This session is next level in confidence and self love! This amazing woman is a total package of brains, personality, and beauty! We had a full on blast during her boudoir session! Yes, technically this is a boudoir for her partner, but it’s so much more under the service. This day was all about her! This is a woman owning all of everything it means to be a brilliant, beautiful, and powerful in a society that tells her she shouldn’t be and her telling the world to deal with it! Literally, a KWEEEEEEN (especially with her Minnie ears on!)

As always, leave her some love in the comments and be sure to click the button below if you want to know more about being one of my fabulous boudoir babes!

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Brunettes are Bombshells too: Self Love Boudoir at Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

This girl right here! YAS! She reached out to me about doing a boudoir session just because and I was all the way here for it. Sometimes, I think clients feel like they have to have an excuse to do a boudoir session and that’s simply not the case. Sometimes, you love your body exactly the way it is and you want to document it in it’s perfect state of perfection. Sometimes, you need reassurance about your body so you can love it exactly the way that it is and seeing it through someone else’s lens is the perfect way to do that! No need to have a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, the occasion can just be because you’re you!

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Guest Blog: A Second Chance- Raleigh NC Boudoir- Leslie Alford Mims House

n 2014, I had the pleasure of being Kim's first boudoir client! Of course, like any woman, I was concerned with the way I looked. Kim made it extremely easy for me to get comfortable. We played music, drank a beer and had some good laughs. I really enjoyed the photos she took of me that day and realize that "Wow, they actually look amazing!" Here we are, three years later and so much has changed in my life. I am now engaged, I just came off from traveling full time (Monday-Friday) for two whole years and I'm about to turn the BIG 3-0! I wanted to surprise my fiance with this photo shoot as a wedding gift and I had a lot going on between getting married, work, family life but made sometime to do another photo shoot! I decided to take advantage of Kim's annual Boudoir Blitz! 

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Surprised Sensuality: Confidence Becomes Her- At Home Boudoir Session Raleigh NC- Kassy

Sitting in front of me in that moment was this stunning woman who is extremely talented and quirky in the best way possible. She has this amazing figure and eyes that literally stops people in their tracks and she doesn't see any of this. I made it my mission to drop hints at a boudoir session every chance I got and finally she reached out to me, under the guise of a surprise anniversary session for her husband. Now, as much as I knew this was for hubby, I knew more than anything it was going to be a major breakthrough for Kassy. 

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