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New Location Alert: Chateau O'Boyle- Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC- Wendell NC

As an artist, you have to do things every once and awhile to keep you and your work fresh! For me that can look like buying new set pieces or creating new poses for clients, but sometimes I have to take big steps and just completely step out of my comfort zone. This time that looked like calling my bestie and muse, Kassy, and dragging her to my new bestie and hair and makeup artist house and shooting there! It was fun to play around with new lighting and challenges. The affectionately named “Chateau O’Boyle” was built in 1920 is absolutely beautiful. This old lady is being renovated by Sara of Modern Alchemy and her hubby! Though she still has some work to be done, she has some amazing features and details. #Issavibe at COB but I am here for it!

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I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch- Bridal Boudoir- In Studio Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

This is the Lizzo lyric blog because this client had the confidence of one million Lizzos! I am blown away at how this amazing woman carried her self love and confidence, her future hubby is one lucky man! Not only is she body goals, she was one of the sweetest ladies I have ever worked with, and brilliant to boot! I am one lucky lady to have gotten to work with her and you all should consider yourselves lucky to get to experience true self-assurance, grace, and poise! YASSSSSSS KWEEEEEEEEN! This woman right here, goodness gravies! Got me running to the gym right now, jk, I just ate a cookies and cream rice krispy treat, #sorrynotsorry.

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Throwback Thursday 2018- Clean, Simple, and Sexy- Bridal Boudoir Nine19 Photography In Studio- Raleigh NC

I have told the story of this brave woman to other clients as a story of encouragement. How she overcame her fear and anxiety, stepped out of her comfort zone and in front of my camera. That she was one of the most understated beauties I had ever worked with. Her glamour is effortless. Her demeanor so incredibly sweet. I am proud of all of my clients, but this one always held a special place in my heart. Her story is not mine to tell, but for her to do this session took more than most.

Back when we did this session, she didn’t want anyone to see them. She was proud but private. She never ordered an album or anything to commemorate the session, so I stored it away in hopes that I would hear from her again one day. Well that day finally came!

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It's a Moment When I Show Up, Got 'em sayin', Wow- Anniversary Boudoir- In Studio at Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

Wow in deed! This gorgeous mama came in and stole the show! She wanted to book a session as a Father’s Day/Anniversary gift, so we got her in and she worked it out in my studio in Raleigh NC. Normally quiet and kind of shy, she made it a point to show me how fabulous she could really be! We had so much fun during this session and I know hubby loved these as much as she did!

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I Can See it In Your Eyes, I Can Tell You're Wanting More- A Tall Cup of Bubbles Boudoir Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

I’m just not really sure, that you all are ready for this blog… This woman, is a 6ft absolute stunner with a personality that shines brighter than these portraits. A total package of drama kid meets super model, this curvy beauty put on a pair of red bottoms and made magic in my studio living room in Raleigh NC! I’ve never seen someone flip a switch to sexy so easily, it was like as soon as I lifted my camera, she knew what was up! As soon as I dropped the camera, she was every woman, full of fun, laughter, and bubbles. SHE IS GOALS, enough said. Hold on to your seats, hunnies, this woman is about to take you for a full ride through “YESSSSville”!

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