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New Location Alert: Chateau O'Boyle- Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC- Wendell NC

As an artist, you have to do things every once and awhile to keep you and your work fresh! For me that can look like buying new set pieces or creating new poses for clients, but sometimes I have to take big steps and just completely step out of my comfort zone. This time that looked like calling my bestie and muse, Kassy, and dragging her to my new bestie and hair and makeup artist house and shooting there! It was fun to play around with new lighting and challenges. The affectionately named “Chateau O’Boyle” was built in 1920 is absolutely beautiful. This old lady is being renovated by Sara of Modern Alchemy and her hubby! Though she still has some work to be done, she has some amazing features and details. #Issavibe at COB but I am here for it!

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Throwback Thursday 2015 Jaw-Dropping Boudoir- At Home with Caroline- Nine19 Photography

If you have followed my work for any extended length of time, you have probably seen the above image a million times. This was from my second boudoir session and it was the moment that I realized that I wanted boudoir to be my passion! I realized in this image that I was capable and could help women realize their beauty by letting them see themselves the way that I saw them. I coined the phrase “see yourself through someone else’s lens” because that is truly what most of us ladies deal with, only seeing ourselves from our point of view and all of the negative thoughts that we have created come right along with that. I realized that by shooting these boudoir session, I could give other women new perspective on themselves, fight against all of the terrible things that we think about ourselves and also give women new found confidence in the sweet support and comments from those who follow my work. If it weren’t for this session, I am not sure that I would be doing boudoir photography, so thank you to Caroline for trusting me with something that would help build the way to such an amazing career (that is just getting started!)

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