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New Location Alert: Chateau O'Boyle- Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC- Wendell NC

As an artist, you have to do things every once and awhile to keep you and your work fresh! For me that can look like buying new set pieces or creating new poses for clients, but sometimes I have to take big steps and just completely step out of my comfort zone. This time that looked like calling my bestie and muse, Kassy, and dragging her to my new bestie and hair and makeup artist house and shooting there! It was fun to play around with new lighting and challenges. The affectionately named “Chateau O’Boyle” was built in 1920 is absolutely beautiful. This old lady is being renovated by Sara of Modern Alchemy and her hubby! Though she still has some work to be done, she has some amazing features and details. #Issavibe at COB but I am here for it!

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When All is Said and Done, You Will Believe God is a Woman-Birthday Boudoir- In Studio at Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

That SASS though! Happy birthday to this gorgeous woman! This Goddess wanted to celebrate (her and her partners bday too!) with a stunning boudoir session in studio here in Raleigh NC and .GURL. did she celebrate! I love a full figured woman who isn’t afraid to show what she is working with! So, much confidence and ALL the poses. She is proof that with another year of loving yourself, you get another year of being confident AF. Self love is the best love and although she had to work at it in the past, she made it and she so proud of who she is, her body, and these bomb ass portraits (as she should be, I mean, HELLO!)

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A True F'n Stunner: They Love the Dark Hair and Bright Eyes- Fearless and Feisty Boudoir Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

Fearless doesn’t even begin to describe how confident this woman is! She reached out to me about doing a non-bridal, bridal boudoir session as a gift for her future partner and I was all about it. She came to my studio space here in Raleigh NC and let loose! I mean, I should have known that we were in for a great time when she listed her piercings as some of her accessories for her session. When all was said and done, her positivity around her body and who she is as a boss, rubbed off on Kassy (Hair and Makeup) and I. You, literally, could tell no woman in this space nothing that day, haha. This is no ordinary boudoir session, this is a woman who know’s who the hell she is and what the hell she wants. SHE IS GOALS AF. All I have to say about this session is, move over, because a bad bitch is coming through! #YESQUEEN

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That Anniversary Glow: Remind Him Why He Asked- In Studio Nine19 Photography- Raleigh NC

You can’t fake confidence like this… you just can’t. This beautiful woman reached out about doing an anniversary session here in my Raleigh NC boudoir studio. She mentioned bringing in some of her favorite wedding day accessories but not making it the main theme and I was all the way here for it. She brought one of her hubby’s shirts and I always say, shirts and sporting tops are some of the hardest things to make sexy and it was like she said “bet” and then showed me how it was done! There isn’t one thing about this session that doesn’t make me scream “YES GIRL! YESSSSS!”. The blue heels, the corset, the garter belt, YES GIRL YES! I am so fortunate that she chose me to capture her and all of her sexy! Make sure to leave this bad ass some love in the comment section and if you want to plan a sweet sexy anniversary gift, be sure to look for the button down below to message me!

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Brunettes are Bombshells too: Self Love Boudoir at Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

This girl right here! YAS! She reached out to me about doing a boudoir session just because and I was all the way here for it. Sometimes, I think clients feel like they have to have an excuse to do a boudoir session and that’s simply not the case. Sometimes, you love your body exactly the way it is and you want to document it in it’s perfect state of perfection. Sometimes, you need reassurance about your body so you can love it exactly the way that it is and seeing it through someone else’s lens is the perfect way to do that! No need to have a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, the occasion can just be because you’re you!

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Fire, Flame and Freckles: The Anti Bridal, Bridal Boudoir - Jessica- Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC

This is an anti bridal, bridal boudoir session and HOLY SHIT IT’S AMAZING! The confidence this amazing woman exudes is all the way contagious! Her entire session was just me screaming “Yas!” uncontrollably and snapping portrait after portrait. Jessica showed up and showed out, reminding us all who the hell she is. I like to think of myself as a confident person, but right now, I am trying to get on her level. This fiery bombshell is a KWEEN but of course she already knows that. May we all be this fabulous one day!

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New Year, Pretty Much Same Me- Self Portrait Boudoir- In Studio Session Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC- Kimberly

We all say it, “New Year, New Me!” Well as I look back over my personal life, my business, and my work I can truly say that I have grown but I am pretty much the same old me and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. At my core, I am still the person that I have always been. I enjoy laughing and having a good time. An artist, true and true, even to a fault. Emotional and sensitive, yet cold and abrasive at times. I care about others even to the detriment of myself and my own wellbeing sometimes and even in those moments I would still say that it was worth it. As it feels I am opening a new chapter in my life, with a few major changes and some serious life lessons learned, I wanted to celebrate me in the only way I would tell anyone else to celebrate, with a bad ass boudoir session! That’s right, I did one too and it wont be the last! You can expect one every year from here on out, because as difficult as it is to look at your own flaws in the editing room, I feel incredibly proud of myself and these portraits!

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A New Life: Dazzling Dana at Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC- Nine19 Photography

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be where I am today—guest blogging about a super-sexy boudoir photoshoot that rocked my world for the better— I think I would have laughed you out of the room.

See, three years ago I was a staunchly faithful, Mormon woman living in the heart of Utah—a place the locals call, “Happy Valley”. For anyone unfamiliar with Mormonism, it’s a shortened term for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or LDS Church. 

When most people think of Mormonism, they think of TV shows about polygamy, like “Big Love,” “Sister Wives,” or “Three Wives, One Husband”. Polygamy is practiced in sects that branched off of the original Mormon Church, but luckily for me it wasn’t practiced in the “mainstream Mormon” world I grew up in.

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