Rule with a Velvet Tongue and Dress Undone- Bridal Boudoir Nine19 Photography Studio- Raleigh NC

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There is something to be said about doing your homework. I tell every client before their session, practice makes perfect. When you’re home alone, put on your favorite sets of lingerie and strut. It was no surprise to me when the scholar took my advice literal and strutted her toosh right into Nine19 Photography Studio. The outcome of this session is why I push practicing in the mirror! This brilliant and beautiful woman showed up and showed out at her boudoir session in my studio in Raleigh NC.

She brought the heat and set the bar for my work so incredibly high! She methodically mixed style, grace, and sex-appeal all together in one afternoon and I am the lucky photographer who got to capture it! You want to talk about chills, this chick gave me FULL BODY CHILLS with how #flawless she is. Can I also mention that not only is bae stunning and smart, but she was a fucking blast too! I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

Make sure you leave her some love in the comment section and if you are interested in booking a boudoir session with me, scroll down below and click on the button so we can make some magic!

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Luxury is a state of mind.
— L'Wren Scott
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For the record: LET’S GO DUKE.

THAT REACH THOUGH! If you are interested in looking flawless while melting off the side of a couch, message me! Let’s make this happen! I would love to know your vision for your boudoir session!