Surprised Sensuality: Confidence Becomes Her- At Home Boudoir Session Raleigh NC- Kassy

I started out signing up for a shoot a bit reluctantly because I knew it would be a gift that would surprise Austin and I wanted to do something special for our anniversary. I ended up feeling so empowered in my own body. I don’t imagine this will be the end of my “body struggles,” but it has certainly altered my perspective.
— Kassy
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When I first met Kassy, I would have described her as unsure and lacking the confidence she deserved to have. Like most women I have met on this journey, I listened to Kassy put herself down and say something to the effect of, "Yeah well, of course her pictures are pretty, SHE's PRETTY!" I just didn't get it. Sitting in front of me in that moment was this stunning woman who is extremely talented and quirky in the best way possible. She has this amazing figure and eyes that literally stops people in their tracks and she doesn't see any of this. I made it my mission to drop hints at a boudoir session every chance I got and finally she reached out to me, under the guise of a surprise anniversary session for her husband. Now, as much as I knew this was for hubby, I knew more than anything it was going to be a major breakthrough for Kassy. 

Every second of her session was a blast and as I showed her the back of my camera randomly through the session, I never saw her face come to life or anything click. I believe she even said once "at least my face is pretty". I knew that she would be content with the session after I left there that day, but I made it my mission to make her finally see what they rest of the world sees... THIS HOT WOMAN! I immediately when home and started working. I sent her a sneak peek and held my breathe. She responded quickly with "I'm DYING!" I knew it! I knew that she finally saw the confidence, the brilliance and the beauty that is Kassy! What the world has always known!

Keep reading on to find out what Kassy thought of her session! A link to her blog, Coffee and Quirks, is below!

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I love love love body suits. They are incredibly sexy but they hide the parts of the body that most women stress about. This one in particular highlighted Kass' biggest and best features while allowing her to love and accept the features she wasn't ready to show off yet. To know how Kassy felt about herself beforehand and how she sees herself now, makes this experience completely and utterly worth it!

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I always say, let's start with the softer safer looks and move to the sexiest and there is a reason for that. It takes a second for anyone to warm up in front of the camera, let alone someone who is wearing little clothing. Most women are super thankful for that slow ease into sexy. Kassy was definitely one of them. Starting almost completely covered with a sweater and thigh high socks was a nice way to help her understand how this process will work, how to hold her face and her body. By the time we got to the all black everything, Kassy was a posing professional!

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As someone who doesn’t even like to wear a bathing suit in the summer, and hates to have her picture taken, I was surprised by myself. (Is that what actual confidence feels like?)...I didn’t really expect to like how I looked–this wasn’t really “for” me after all, but I found myself actually LOVING the photos...
— Kassy
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It was amazing to spend the afternoon with Kassy. Knowing how she feels after her session has been a game changer for me and my work. I passionately believe that every woman should go through this process. Every time I go through this process with another woman, I learn more about myself and I can't wait to share my boudoir session (if I ever get it done!) someday on this very blog! If you want to know more about Kassy's thought process and emotional development during this session, check out her blog, Boudoir: An Experience You can read her other blogs and purchase some amazing artwork while you are there!

If you want to know what it is like to feel this level of confidence, let's chat! I would love to hear more from you!