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Epically Awesome Baby Emmett is Here- New Born Portraits- Durham NC

I waited patiently and quietly to hear that Emmett was here and as soon as I got the text, I did a little dance, because I literally couldn’t wait to meet this nugget! All of my clients are awesome people, but Dave and Sydney are so cool, that the combo of the two just has to be the coolest little dude on the planet. I drove out to their new home and capture this new family as they got to know each other and figure all this out together. I hope you all enjoy this day with this new family as much as I did!

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Beautiful Baby Benton- New Born Portraits- Clayton NC

The best part of my job is when I get to capture beautiful portraits of family! My sister in law is an amazing woman who juggles work and home life like a champ. She and her hubby, Chas, also makes some of the worlds most adorable children and I get to watch them grow and change into the worlds most amazing little people. When we found out that they decided to have another little nugget, I couldn't handle it. I literally started planning all of the portrait sessions, immediately and well we accomplished this one, haha. Everyone welcome to the planet, Benton Nicholas weighing in at 8lbs and 5oz. Enjoy these portraits and make sure you leave them some love in the comment section!

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