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Epically Awesome Baby Emmett is Here- New Born Portraits- Durham NC

I waited patiently and quietly to hear that Emmett was here and as soon as I got the text, I did a little dance, because I literally couldn’t wait to meet this nugget! All of my clients are awesome people, but Dave and Sydney are so cool, that the combo of the two just has to be the coolest little dude on the planet. I drove out to their new home and capture this new family as they got to know each other and figure all this out together. I hope you all enjoy this day with this new family as much as I did!

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Hashtag: Fab Mom, Girl Dad- Fair Family Maternity- Downtown Durham NC- Nine19 Photography Raleigh NC

The Fair family is a group that I have been wanting to get pictures of FOR THE LONGEST TIME, so when Moya reached out about doing a Maternity session in our sister city of Durham NC (#DURM) I was all the way here for it! We headed downtown, freaked out over parking, and then made it happen! Moya and Corey have 3 girls and one on the way! Out numbered, Cory handles this group of strong ladies with style and grace. Also, I think he knows place, all five of them…he’s in the palm of their hands!

We had a blast exploring the city together and letting these beautiful kiddos steal the show! Moya is a fabulous momma to be, rocking her bump with flawless elegance. The girls obviously follow after their gorgeous mom’s lead and know how to #werk the camera.

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